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Art classes hosted by PenichArt

Until now we offer 2 types of art classes for Varna city.

ArtAcademy is impressive and accelerated class with high intense, which is hosted in our art gallery 2 times per month. Perfect for everyone - from beginner to advanced! The ArtAcademy of PenichArt is suitable for up to 6 people who got a lot of knowledge and experience thanks to the artist - Silva Peneva. Within 4-5 hours the visitors can dive into the beauty of the art and learn some secrets and techniques about the colors, and many others.

Who can attend Penich ArtAcademy

If you wish to expand your vision to get new skills and knowledge in the painting you could do it calm and relaxed atmosphere directly in the gallery of the artist where you will get special attention as well! Small groups of up to 6 people are formed which makes the communication easier and the process very pleasant! Everything is provided by PenichArt - you just need to take with you only your inspiration! For your greats results we provide quaified artist - teacher Silva Peneva, who will be with you during the whole process! The others things we provided are canvas, oils/acryl, example paintings as well as coffee and snacks! Every visitings can be with different painting to pain. All the paintings done by you - can be brought home.

For more information regarding our ArtAcademy chech our events here: here. Our classes have been visited by hundreds of people each month.

Color therapy by PenichArt

Color therapy is accelerated paintings class for beginners and advanced. It is hosted everyday so it could perfectly fit your schedule. It holds everyday between 12 to 18, as for that period of time can be devided for 2 groups - from 12 to 15h and from 15 to 18h (depending of the availability and busyness). During these hours you will learn the basics of the arts, colors combining, painting on the canvas and some interesting facts! The class is very good for those who like painting and drawing! If you wish to became an author - artist - come to our place and you will learn a lot of interesting things and you will have the opportunity to learn from the best artists - The artist Silva Peneva who has painted more than 500 paintings and works since 30 years! For more information and reservations hit us on: +359 889 800 012 or by e-mail: . Some photos from the last events can be seen below: 

Penich ArtAcademy

Penich ArtAcademy курсове по рисуване

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Курсове по изобразително рисуване - ArtAcademy

Курсове по рисуване ArtAcademy