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Orders and deliveries

The paintings are normally shipped within the day of order -(between 09-18h), and it depends of the courier and distance when it will be at your place. We work with free delivery to Bulgaria and provide good shipping taxes for EU!

What do I get?

You get amazing and 100% unique and hand made painting, fast and secure! Each paintings is original and is signed by the author, which guarantees its authenticy and premium quality! You get Certificate for authenticity - issued to the ordered painting!

Payment methods

We accept payments via PayPal, bank transfers - SEPA/wire, credit/debit cards. In our place we can accept credit/debit card as well as cash payments. The order is confirmed once the payment is 100% done and received.


We guarantee premium quality of our works thanks to the fact that none of our work has been returned! Every single customer ordered painting or portrait is satisfied with its order. In case you have some complaints - please contact us so we could solve them.

Can I make individual/personal order of paintig or portrait?

You could make order for painting according to your individual wish - with various topic, canvas, frame and others. The individual orders are with advanced notice and normally takes up to 7-14 days to be done. For any request contact us at: this page.
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