Silva Peneva

Information about the artist

  Silva Peneva was born in 1963 in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. After graduating from the primary school Silva went to secondary school for art and theatre in Plovdiv. She graduates in 1981 and works as an artist in the Adveristing department in the irrigation station of agriculture of Stara Zagora. Then she gradutes the Institute for Teaching in Stanke Dimiutrov with specialty profile - Teacher of Arts. She started teaching Arts in the school in her hometown for 7 years. In 1995 she moves with her family in Varna and works until 2006 with her husband Penyo Penev (woodcarver) - artistic carving and painting of the wood. After everything some drammatic events came and she remained widow and temporary wents to her hometown and started working in confectionary shop as a decorator of cakes. Soon she decides to come back to Varna where she focused more on her paintings. Unfortunately on that time she was not enough popular to monetize her talent and continues working in the industry of sweets as a decorator and cake cooker. She opens her gallery from the beginning of 2017, but it started working from the beginning of 2018 with its current vision. She exhibit her paintings with various scenes and pictures which are combination between awesome picturesque landscapes, still live, animals, portraits and abstractions. She uses various techniques but oils and acrilyc in general. In 2018 she starterd her teaching academy in Varna which has a huge success as everyone wants to have the opportunity to touch that arts and all her great experience. She got high evaluation from a lot of customers, partners and art collectors. Her paintings are currently owned by people from different countries as USA, UK, Germany, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Singapor, Czech Republic and Poland. Some of her paintings are sitting next to the names like Picasso, Van Gogh, Rembrand, Dali, Matise and other great master in private collections. As an artist she likes the art of sweets as well as professional make up.