Information about PenichArt Gallery

PenichArt is new gallery for paintings with oil – with more than 35 years of experience and traditions. Our website represents one of the biggest author`s gallery in the country and probably the biggest in the Sea Capital of Bulgaria - Varna. It contains extremely big diversity of paintings with various topics and scenarios. In 2018 we got high evalution by our customers and partners - from various countries in Europe! Thanks to that our paintings were chosen to take their seats in the collections next to names as Van Gogh, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Monet, Matiz, Rembrand and other great masters.

PenichArt gallery in Varna

Our physical location is situated in Varna – at the extremely communicative spot - the central part of the city next to the Cathedral and the walking centre. You can take a look or buy beautiful painting chosen by you for yourself or for great present which keeps it value during the years. Our gallery will bring you in totally different world full with beauty, colors and unique feelings! The topics and spheres of our arts are various from surealistic to breathtaking landscapes! We have everything for every single "taste"! We made the grand openning at the beginning of 2018 but our website is on the market since 2011. We have fans and customers from various countries - USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Romania, Singapor, Turkey and others. You are welcome to visit our gallery and choose the perfect present with or without an occasion.
As our talented artist Silva Peneva wants to give some more value and leave even bigger mark and impact - we hosted 2 exclusive initiatives - Penich ArtAcademy and Color Therapy. They are present for all those art lover who do not have option to buy painting, but wish to paint and be part of this beautiful experience! Our experience author Silva Peneva hosts the lessons with high intensity and professionalism so only after a few hours you have turned into an artist and own awesome painting! For more information regarding the lessons and courses offered by us please visit our PenichArt Academy page or call us at: +359 895 26 25 66 . You can make your request for various projects connected to arts on the phone or by e-mail, so what are you waiting for - send us a message or call us, we will be happy to answer your requests! We are online gallery - website targeted to all those art lovers who want to buy 100% original, authentic and unique painting! Our physical location can be seen here.

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