Why should I buy a painting?

The painting is a wonderful work of art that dates back to time immemorial. It is the author's own way of staying in time, preserving his unique talent and giving it to generations. The paintings nowadays remain invaluable, as are their unique qualities. Many people choose to buy prints or the so-called relief print that looks just like a picture, but it has millions of people around the world - the same as theirs.

Why real painting rather than print?

The paradox is that people strive for uniqueness, want their own style and express themselves, but they do not. By buying a print, whatever frames it puts it, it remains a print - that is, no value (unless the frame is gilded, of course). With this purchase, people become part of this impersonal table that has "paintings" of English, French or other flags, or flowers that each of us has seen tens of times, even thousands of times - in shops, retail chains or buyers hotels and restaurants.


The Difference

The real work of art is the product of inspiration and work, as well as of talent. When you look at the paintings, you discover this special - yours, which is as if painted especially for you! If you want your home, hotel, restaurant to be unique - buy a true picture.